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Thornbury Castle has to be one of my all-time favourite venues, and if you watch the videos below it's not hard to see why! As well as having an amazing history with links to the likes of Henry VIII, the site itself is something really special. I've had the pleasure to film some really great weddings there and meet some really interesting couples. It's often a big draw with people abroad who are interested in the history and love the idea of a classic English countryside wedding, and I've already met a few American couples who've eloped over the pond to get married! 

Andrew & Ruth had to endure the heat of August last summer when temperatures reached 34 degrees, but what weather we had that day! We had perfect sunshine all day and an amazing golden hour for a few shots with the couple. Some of the aerial footage I got back was incredible - especially the view over the Wye Estuary which is pretty spectacular!

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