STEP 1 - Choose your style! (optional)

I understand that cinematic films aren't for everyone. Choose the look of your film by picking a crop-style. Want to be a star in your own movie? Pick cinematic! Want something more natural? Go for standard widescreen. Want your film to look modern and trendy? Go for the popular semi-cinematic look that's all the rage on Netflix! Not sure? Move on to step 2!


Semi-Cinematic (Netflix look!)

Standard Widescreen

STEP 2 - Choose your Package!

COVID-19 (New)

 (Live streamed)
FULL CEREMONY    (Live streamed)

£495 -£695plus exps. *


   Package Includes:

  • Half day filming (reduced hours due to Covid Restrictions).

  • An 8 - 10 minute film highlight film covering the entire day. 

  • FREE Multi-camera Livestreaming of Ceremony & Speeches.

  • Livestreaming of first dance (if applicable)

  • Snippets of Speeches and vows incorporated into the film.


Going ahead with a reduced-numbers wedding? I'm introducing
the perfect package to cover all your needs!

Please note quote may change if amendments in the schedule are made as a result of changes to restrictions.




£795plus exps. *

   Package Includes:

  • Filming from Prep to First Dance (+ 30 minutes).

  • A 16 - 18 minute film covering the entire day. 

  • Speeches provided in full separately (1 camera)

  • Extended highlights of Ceremony with original aisle music.

  • First Dance highlights included with original music.

  • Snippets of Speeches and vows incorporated into the film.

  • 40 - 50 minutes of overall footage. (varies on speech durations)


My signature wedding package - the ultimate all-in-one highlights
film. Substantial in length but still entertaining and engaging from

start to finish. 

(Bridal Prep Extract from Signature Package Film)


Add multi-camera editing of the speeches for an additional £75




£895plus exps.* 

Get the best of both worlds with this combined highlights and documentary bundle. Receive your ceremony, speeches and first dance edited in full as well as a separate highlights film covering the entire day.

   Package Includes: 

  • Filming from Prep to First Dance (+ 30 minutes)

  • A 6 - 8 minute highlight film covering the day.

  • Ceremony in full (multi-camera. Please note church ceremonies will   be shortened to long highlights)

  • Speeches in full (Multi-camera)

  • First dance in full (Multi-camera)


(all incl.)

£995plus exps. *

   Package Includes:

  • Filming from Prep to First Dance (+ 30 minutes)

  • A long, all-inclusive film with Ceremony, Speeches & First Dance in full.                                                             (please note church ceremonies will be edited in long highlights (25m)

  • A 4-5 minute highlights trailer to share with family and friends.

  • Multi-camera editing of Ceremony and Speeches

  • First dance in full with original music.

  • ~1 hour  of overall footage. (Varies on speech & ceremony durations)


For those wanting a more traditional wedding film format. Package includes a long, all-in-one film covering the entire day with the Ceremony Speeches & First Dance edited in full, alongside highlights of the rest of the day.

*Expenses: This will be a modest sum covering the cost of petrol, deliverables and P&P. On average this amounts to roughly £20.


Neither of these quite fit the bill? My services are 100% flexible so get in touch with your requirements and I'll send you a quote.



Your finished wedding video will be provided both as a DVD and in HD via a USB stick. New to 2020 I am happy to announce that all my DVDs will now come in a professionally designed, personalised case with a selection of the days best imagery. 




I am excited to announce that I will now be offering film premiere parties as an add-on for packages! Invite all your family and friends to experience your film on the big screen. Dress up in your finest movie-star attire, grab a glass of fizz and celebrate all those special moments all over again. All at the stunning Spin Bar Harbourside venue in Bristol. Included is your own customised movie poster which will be printed and displayed at the venue. All for only £250



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