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Personalising wedding films is a big part of what I do and it's an element of the process I really enjoy. Here you can learn more about my approach and how I tailor each film to reflect the personalities of each couple.
Ben & Kathryn were very much a chalk and cheese couple, and this was particularly the case when it came to their taste in music! My solution to this problem was to make the film into two halves, with the first half dedicated to Kathryn and the second half dedicated to Ben. Below you can see the second half of their film, which really plays on Ben's love of metal music. The entrance of the groomsmen provided a fun cinematic intro to the second half of the film...
Wedding Videography at Rosedew Farm Wedding Venue, South Wales

As with most of my work, music was a huge influence on how I made this film. But what made this particular wedding really special were the live performances that featured on the day, including songs written by Anna's brother. This provided an absolutely golden opportunity to really personalise their film and make it special. I worked with Anna following the day to organise recordings of her brother's band which I used as backing music twice for both the bridal prep and reception. 

After dinner it was all about the Gathering Voices choir. The combination of the beautiful singing and the amazing sunset that overlooked Folly Farm provided the perfect ingredients to structure this part of the film. I always use this part of the day to feature speech excerpts in my Signature films, as it's a natural moment of calm and reflection. You can see below the evening section of their film, with the full version available via their online gallery:
Wedding Videography at Folly Farm Centre, Bristol.

'It really is the stuff of fairytales in a little castle in Wales'. As the celebrant so aptly put it, it was always clear from the start where I should draw the inspiration for Asen & Tom's wedding film. I really wanted to make use of some fun movie tropes to give the film a real magical flavour, and the Cinematic package provided the perfect platform to achieve this. Their first dance choice of 'A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes' from Cinderella was a no brainer for the opening of the film as it was the perfect way to set the mood, and the time jump is always a fun technique to use to make you feel like you're really stepping into a movie! 
         The choice of music following the opening of the film was one I considered quite carefully. I was really conscious of overdoing the fairytale theme and I didn't want the film to be overly cheesy. The tracks I settled on aimed to create a slight dreamy feel initially with more of a fun a celebratory vibe towards the end of the film, but overall I tried to keep the feel relatively understated throughout. I really loved that both the songs explored the concept of 'home' and its significance within a relationship, which was really apt for Asen & Tom given how they met and the difficult decisions they had to make in leaving family behind to be together.

Wedding Videography at Hensol Castle.
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